A New Kind
Of Education Network

Noodle supports a growing network of great universities and corporations. Our online and hybrid programs enhance student-faculty engagement, raise capacity and resilience, lower operational costs, and leverage opportunities for collaboration between institutions.

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Online Programs

If you want to launch stellar online and agile programs and fill them with qualified students, we are more transparent, more flexible and less expensive than conventional OPMs (we save colleges and universities as much as $30,000 per student over the life of a program).

That's why Noodle has launched about as many online degree programs with elite universities as have all of our competitors, combined, for the past two years.

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A Network
Is Better Than DIY

Noodle schools benefit from our scale and our network effects. We invest over $10 million each year in innovative technology and systems, and use benchmark data and innovative collaborations to improve our programs and lower their administrative costs.

Lacking those network effects, programs built in-house are generally undifferentiated and small, even as they cobble together outside providers across core functional areas.

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Agile Universities Attract
Loyal, Lifelong Learners

Universities first approached online programs as isolated endeavors. Today, innovative institutions are meeting the modern student’s needs by thinking of degree and non-degree programs as parts of an agile ecosystem that educates and upskills learners throughout their lifetime. Agile ecosystems run on agile operations.

Noodle’s services and contracts allow you to utilize a single set of tech, learning design, marketing, and recruiting systems to support online and on-campus students. Noodle leads teams through the challenges of an online transition, freeing up time for you and your faculty to focus on what matters most.

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A New Relationship
With Businesses

Corporations need to find, retain, and upskill great employees. Noodle helps universities form trustworthy, efficient partnerships with corporations to do so. These relationships, in turn, create cost-effective and consistent sources of motivated, focused learners.

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A Powerful
Economic Model.

Noodle helps universities lower costs while raising student:faculty engagement. Our systems and contracts are designed to be extraordinarily cost-effective, whether you want to run a few online programs or to create a sophisticated infrastructure to better attract and support students and faculty.

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