A Better
Economic Model

What Drives the Cost of Higher Ed?

The relationship between students and faculty is proven to have the strongest positive impact on student outcomes than any other factor. Yet, teaching only accounts for 20-25% of the overall cost (for the stats on your own school vs its peers, click here).

At Noodle, we believe using tech to address the remaining 75-80% is what will truly drive down the cost of higher ed.

A Better Way To
Launch a Program

There are two reasons a college or university thinks about online learning: it wants to launch an online program, or it wants to transform its campus-based programs. Noodle is a uniquely powerful solution for either option.

For schools that simply want to build online degree programs, our innovative, flexible economic model saves $15,000 to $30,000 per student vs conventional OPMs, while extending our technology and support to your on-campus students. Further, a Noodle program is likely to be less expensive than do-it-yourself efforts, while being far more likely to result in a high-quality program that hits enrollment targets.

Fee For Service

To manage individual programs, we charge:
  • $22,000 per month for the first program we build together at each school or college within a university
  • $12,000 per month for each additional program.
  • In addition, we charge an $88 per credit-hour fee, which drops to $4 per credit-hour as online enrollment grows throughout the university.

And finally, we provide specific services (e.g. placing students into internships), often through our network of best-in-class providers; we negotiate those fees on behalf of our partner universities, and pass them along with no markup.

Our campus-wide initiatives are too varied to describe here, but we are confident that you’ll find this structure to be inexpensive and, well, transformative.

Please contact us for more detail!