Better Than
Doing it Yourself

Noodle provides universities the best of both worlds– the transparency, flexibility, and control of a homegrown program, with the power and efficiency of a great network.

DIY Is Not

The average size of programs managed by traditional universities is 40% of programs managed by others. And the programs themselves are largely unexceptional; it’s rare for a DIY online program to rank as highly as the same university’s on-campus program.

There’s a reason for that.

Neither small colleges nor large state systems have the agile administrative and operational structure that online programs need— in terms of investment, expertise, coordination, and network effects.

As higher education moves irreversibly online, few colleges and universities can do so alone.

Students Going Out-of-State For Their Online Programs

Build On Our

Noodle empowers universities to build out their in-house teams while leveraging our tech stack to raise capacity for on-campus programs.

We have invested more than $60 million to build our team and our suite of technology and services.

And because we negotiate with providers on behalf of our whole network, and closely monitor program performance against benchmark data, we improve operations while saving schools and students money.

Build On Our

Collectively, the Noodle team has launched and managed nearly 100 of the country’s most successful online programs.

Our university partners have direct access to our wide and growing network of best-in-class learning designers, marketers, researchers and student support specialists who have collectively invested over $1.5 billion into their organizations.

Build On Our
Network Effects

Joining our network of universities— each focused on developing great online and hybrid programs— allows you to tap into major competitive advantages.

Our programs voluntarily share anonymized data to establish benchmark performance metrics and meaningfully measure success (while maintaining total data ownership and security).

And we encourage similar programs at non-competitive schools to co-develop learning objects like case studies, and collaborate to lower marketing spend.

Forge Ahead

Working with Noodle means moving faster. In as little as six months, we can establish the technology infrastructure to recruit and teach a full cohort of students.

Our teams are ready for rapid deployment and work collaboratively to bring programs online quickly— from ideation, to marketing launch and enrollment operations, high-quality course design and robust student support systems.

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