Noodle has one mission: to create a network of colleges and universities that use technology to transform themselves, becoming more engaging and resilient–and efficient enough to significantly increase financial aid. Schools are excited with our goals and our results; we now work closely with 20% of the top colleges and universities in the US.

One important way we are realizing that mission is helping prospective students find the right program. Noodle.com is becoming the most advanced and personalized search tool for higher ed. We also help students find the right K-12 school, tutor, or counselor, to make sure they’re ready for higher ed, too. We’re partisan––looking first to our robust network of university partners—but we’re wholly committed to finding the right program for each student, whether it’s a school we work with or not. 

Meanwhile, Noodle Partners helps colleges and universities bring their high-quality academic programs to life in the virtual world, through online and hybrid (online and on-campus) programs. We do this by harnessing technology and support services that are efficient, elegant and economical, and providing them to institutions in a manner that is flexible, transparent and aligned with their goals.

Noodle laptop with partner university logos

Finally, Noodle Pros is an exclusive group of experienced, professional tutors who work in all tests and subjects, from Pre-K to Graduate School. Each tutor brings decades of experience, powerful expert resources, and personalized support to each online or face-to-face tutoring relationship—ensuring a worry-free tutoring experience and the best learning outcomes.

At this point, we’re about 250 people, and expanding quickly. If you are looking for a great, mission-driven company with strong prospects, please visit our career pages (here for Noodle and Partners, and here for Pros).