Why Noodle?

The internet is awash with outdated information and rankings that don't consider your needs. Noodle makes the process of searching for education better through transparency and efficiency.

From our Chairman & Founder

We founded Noodle with one mission: to make education search better.

After years of false starts, we’re getting there. There are sites that help us find cars, homes, doctors, dinners, flights, and even partners. But when it comes to education—on which Americans spend $1.2 trillion each year—we make critical and expensive decisions haphazardly. Mostly, we ask others where they went, or we turn to antiquated rankings that use opaque methods and incomplete data. It’s incredible that it’s this hard.

“Being a student is hard, but becoming one shouldn’t be.”

What you see here now—a database of every college and university in the U.S., a vetted network of education experts available to chat (for free), a robust archive of original, deeply researched articles, and the ability to self-publish your own essays and advice— is just the beginning. Each day, we’re sourcing better data, building smarter tools, and finding more efficient ways to help students make informed decisions about where, how, and why to go to school.

Being a student is hard, but becoming one shouldn’t be—and, with Noodle, it won’t.

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Meet JohnKatzman

John Katzman is an American entrepreneur and education evangelist. He founded The Noodle Companies in 2012 with the mission of increasing transparency and efficiency across the education landscape.

For 38 years, Katzman has been a pioneer of innovation in the American educational system. In 1981, he founded and ran The Princeton Review, which helped half of the students applying to U.S. colleges and universities each year find, get into, and pay for school.

In 2008, Katzman founded 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU), an educational tech company that builds and runs high-quality online degree programs for leading nonprofit colleges and universities. Under his lead, 2U was named among the “10 Start-Ups Changing the World” by Forbes and is now a $4 billion firm.

Katzman serves on several boards of directors, including Renaissance Learning, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. He has authored many articles and five books.

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