Avi Yashchin

SVP of Data Science

Business leader with deep knowledge of applying big data, small data, and AI to accelerate digital transformation of higher education. Previous EdTech Founder @CleanEdison (acquired by @Kaplan_Univ). SaaS, OPM, Blockchain, and Cloud Infrastructure expertise.

Previously: Product Director @TwoSigma. Sr. Product Manager @IBMWatson. In 2009, founded the OPM business CleanEdison and within four years, the company became the nation’s largest green jobs training provider. Kaplan, Inc. (NYSE: GHC) acquired CleanEdison in 2014. Started my career in algorithmic trading @Lehman. BS in Comp Sci @JohnsHopkins, MBA @NYUStern. Product Management, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning background.

Passionate about learning, innovation, and experimental design.