Collin Hites

Digital Marketing Specialist

Collin is a Digital Marketing Specialist in New York and he manages the Google Ads accounts for all programs in the Noodle Shoppe portfolio. He spends his days analyzing how users are searching for graduate programs and optimizing our paid search efforts to ensure we're getting in front of potential students while they're searching for the right program. When he's not working in the accounts he is building templates and tools for the Shoppe to quickly analyze performance trends and take action.

Prior to joining Noodle in September of 2019, he worked as a Digital Marketing Analyst at a marketing agency in North Carolina where he started his career in digital marketing. While there, he specialized in profitably growing small businesses through digital advertising and succeeded in growing his clients to enterprise marketing spend levels.

When Collin isn't working he is out eating any foods that cross his path, inhaling buckets of popcorn while watching movies of all qualities (just because it has a low critic rating doesn't mean it's not entertaining!), or in a pool or on his bike trying to work off all the food he's eaten.