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Models for Online Faculty Staffing and Support

Faculty hiring has traditionally been a relatively slow process that typically involves vetting candidates through numerous selection committees and following the traditional academic calendar. We encourage programs to think more creatively and broadly about both the structure of faculty positions and the hiring process when contemplating new hires for an online program.
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Why Universities Need to be More Agile

Schools may be innovative, influential, and transformative; but agile they are not. The power to move quickly or nimbly – the classic definition – is not among their skill set. But universities need to become more agile.
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Successful Partnerships are the Result of Shared Alignment

More than 14% of all higher education enrollments are online. More than one-third of universities report that having an aggressive online strategy is among their top three strategic priorities.
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Flexibility and Operational Excellence

Agility is at the heart of the Noodle model, as a level of flexibility permeates our instructional design approach, our ability to move between in-house and external solutions for functions such as recruitment and instructional design, and how we think about on-ground, online, and program immersions.
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