Steering With Metrics

Streamlining dozens of technology and tech-enabled service providers while creating an elegant user experience AND collecting heaps of actionable data is hard work—and what sets us apart from any other OPM. Keep reading to learn how we do it.

We Start with the NoodleCore

You hold vast riches of data in your ​existing​ Learning Management System (LMS); Student Information System (SIS); and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. It’s worth repeating in this hacker-prone era: protecting the privacy of students, faculty and staff by safeguarding data will be always be Noodles highest priority.

Additionally, we gracefully integrate dozens of other tech tools and software systems. An academic stack, for instance, might involve digital proctoring, video and other content management, synchronous instruction, plagiarism detection, social functionality and more.

Few university technology stacks are built to support digital marketing and recruitment, the placement of students in global internships and jobs, and other services needed to make your online or hybrid programs successful. Technology is constantly improving; moreover, your needs will change with your pedagogy. Noodle brings in a state-of-the-art tech stack that integrates with your SIS and other key systems; while first just for online students, this can be deployed to on-campus and hybrid programs. And with our proprietary analytic tools, Noodle can help you access your data in real-time, improving decision-making at every step.

And Run With the Data

Using the NoodleCore, we gather data from disparate systems to create easy-to-read analytics that allow for informed decision-making in marketing, recruitment, academics and support.

For marketing and recruitment, there are three things we need to know in real-time. What is our expected enrollment for the coming term? What is our likely cost of recruiting a student from which channels, and are there any problem areas we should address?

On the academic and support fronts, we pull together data regarding student support and course engagement. This does not replace more robust solutions like Civitas, but does allow our student support and learning design teams to remain proactive and focused. We use a robust ticketing system to help create a simple pan-university support model for students and faculty, and a more complex system to help find clinical placements for nursing, teaching, social work and other degree programs requiring a practicum.

Systems Agnostic

With our partners at iData, we created the NoodleCore to allow flexibility. Unlike a traditional OPM, which is locked into particular technologies and ways of working, Noodle maintains relationships with multiple providers, allowing us to accommodate your needs and your systems. Noodle is system-agnostic.

Noodle an automated Application Program Interface (API)-based approach​ to integrating systems. The NoodleCore is an evolving ​mechanism ​for bringing multiple APIs together, creating ​a​ central integration point​ for all relevant systems.

Building for Agility

In the not-too-distant future, our technology will serve more than just your online students. It will allow you to enhance the educational experience of all students, both online and on-the-ground. Indeed, many of us believe that distinction will soon no longer be relevant. We designed our systems to facilitate a world in which students move seamlessly between online and​ o​n-campus ​learning environments. ​​Inclement weather? Meet online. Professor ​needs to conduct research abroad? Why not let the whole class follow, virtually? Students who normally gather online for synchronous sessions want to get together in person? Reserve a room.